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LJGT No law

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Accounting of results

The players themselves are responsible for entering the correct results into the system (with the exception of U10 players). The player receives a link for entering data in an e-mail before each stage.

During the tournament, Golfbox (entered by players by following the link sent in the e-mail) is taken as the official score of the game. For comparison, players of the U14 and U18+ groups manage the results in the GameBook application, where players see the tournament situation in real time, while the U10s fill in the scorecards.

After the game, the players themselves are responsible for matching the results. In case of errors or discrepancies in the result, the player receives disqualification.

The rules are subject to change without prior notice by posting them on the official tour website.

Membership fees

Thanks to the benevolence of the tour's supporters and the hospitality of the golf courses, the participation fee (Green fee) for the tour's stages is free on Latvian golf courses.

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